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There is nothing like politics to stir people into action, at the centre of migrants and immigration has emerged a multi-award-winning musical. The story is about Alexander Hamilton, hailing from the Caribbean as a bastard child to become an American war hero and to also become George Washington's right-hand man. Alexander Hamilton shaped America and lived the American Dream. Now, this political musical is being hailed the most exciting and significant musical of the decade. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the son of Puerto Rican immigrants, wrote the music, lyrics, and book about the musical and in a couple of years the musical has broken all box office records, selling some $1bn worth of tickets, being nominated for 16 Tony awards and winning 11 of them. Miranda is giving immigrants, Latinos, descendants of slaves as well as low-income kids hope that in life obstacles can be overcome. The musical has a cast of racially diverse, talented actors to tell this story of hope. Hamilton has also gone on to win every theatrical prize there is. Hamilton, the young immigrant from the West Indies is an American success story of someone who rose above many obstacles to actually lay the foundations for the economic success of the USA. .Hamilton was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr, sitting vice president. With Hamilton, there is is very little spoken dialogue and nearly ll of Hamilton is sung as opera and there is also some rap. The younger characters in the musical portray some hip-hop while there is also jazz and gospel-inspired music. His song 'My Shot' is the Hamilton anthem and is about how, regardless of disadvantages, you can still use your brain and ability to work to beat the odds and excel at whatever you set your mind on. Today Hamilton is one of the most successful Broadway musicals ever, opening in New York in 2015 and in West End, London towards the end of 2017. As yet there is no filmed version of the musical, and getting a ticket for Hamilton will certainly involve some patience and money. This is because it is believed that Lin-Manuel Miranda will be appearing in some of the London shows, and tickets for his final performances in New York sold for $10,000 a piece, and it's not likely to be much different in London.

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